In God We Trust

About Gil Haller

In God We Trust
Oil on canvas



Haller combines personal memories with cultural issues that concern him. This image, a family photo from a holiday in the U.S. depicts the artists’ family from afar.The division into sky and ground is disrupted by the red ballon. One might relate to the artists’ association to the work of Mark Rothko.
This straightforward composition is imbued cultural meaning from our times. The shape and colour of the balloon brings to mind Donald Trump‘s red election cap, with the campaign slogan that became the symbol of uncertainty. The red balloon also has text: In God we trust. This is more than a slogan – it is a remnant of the increased religious sentiment that existed during the American Civil War. Every dollar bill has this sentence on it although it symbolizes religious conservatism.
Has this value expired – has the air in the balloon deflated?



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