Sand Varda

Born 1953 Varda Sand grew up in a Kibbutz, and the Israeli scenery continues to resonate in her art. She received her artistic education abroad, as she graduated with honors…

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Shamir Leead

Born in 1969 Leead Shamir resides in Kibbutz Einat, where she was born. She attended the art department of Beit Berl College and the Avni Institute of Art and Design,…

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Stephenson Philippa Hanna Frederica

 1896-1937 British artist and explorer Phillipa Anna Frederica Stephenson was active during the early 20th century and is best known for her colourful and detailed watercolour paintings.  Although Stephenson lived…

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Ticho Anna

1894-1980 Anna Ticho became famous for her drawings of the Jerusalem hills. She was born in Moravia, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (today Czech Republic) in 1894. At the…

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Tobiasse Theo

1927-2012 Tobiasse’s parents fled from Lithuania to Israel in 1925 and it was here that Theo was born. Unfortunately, they could not survive the financial hardships and left Israel to…

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