Haller Gil

Born in Israel in 1975

Although it seems that figurative art is self-explanatory, Haller’s paintings present riddles that ‎require deciphering. He started collecting images after his parents passed away, both of them were ‎holocaust survivors. While clearing out their home he found boxes of carefully kept photos, each ‎representing a cherished memory that survived the war. Some photos are of known family members ‎but others are unidentifiable, leaving the artist to make up his own stories from these estranged but ‎nostalgic images. ‎

Haller became interested in historical images and began adding to his parents collection from old ‎magazines and internet sites. Like an archaeologist he removed his images from their original ‎context into his private archive, with the clear intention of using them as material for his art. ‎

2000-2004 Jerusalem Studio School (Israel Hershberg). Courses with Stuart Shills, Neal Reilly, Rina Natarova, Eldad Farber and Ben Trit.

2002, 2003 ISA (International school of art) Umbria, Italy. 2 semesters on a student exchange program. Studied with Bruce Gagnier, Ron Cohen, Dan Gustin and Allen Feltus.

1997-2000 Studied sculpture in “Create a space” – Paul Harrison Taylor.