Rychter May Anna


Anna Rychter came to Jerusalem from Germany in 1923, following her husband the artist Tadeusz. He was commissioned to restore Vitrages in churches. She earned a living by selling miniatures in the old city. The Rychters were accepted into the Jerusalem art community even though they were not Jewish. They were especially close to Ludwig Blum and Leopold Krakauer.
They were both high standard academic water-colorists. Their works were both professional and poetic.
In 1939, with the beginning of the Second World War, Tadeusz returned to Poland and never returned. Anna stayed in Jerusalem until her death in 1955 at the age of 90. Until the end she did not know the exact fate of her husband.

An article was published in Haaretz newspaper in 2003, about our research on the Rychters.
Following it’s publication we were swamped with emails from people from all around the world, who own paintings by the Rychters and online searches brought them to Stern gallery. We also received a phone call from Mrs. Reuma Weizman, the wife of the late president of Israel Ezer Weizman. As it happened, Tadeusz Rychter made a drawing of his uncle Haim Weizman, who was the first president of the state of Israel. They invited us to see the drawing hanging on their wall.