Shamir Leead

Born in 1969

Leead Shamir resides in Kibbutz Einat, where she was born. She attended the art department of Beit Berl College and the Avni Institute of Art and Design, and also acquired a bachelor’s degree in illustration and design from the Vital and Shenkar schools of design and art. Today Shamir practices art in her studio, a small shed in the Kibbutz set among fields and eucalyptus trees, and derives her inspiration from this atmosphere. She creates multi-layered artworks, combining the acrylic on canvas with additional and varied materials. Influenced by Primitive Art and artists such as Rauschenberg and Rothko, Shamir uses the material itself as a starting point for the creative process. In this manner she has developed her own personal style, aspiring “to turn weaknesses into strengths”. In her work she explores issues of identity, reflecting conflicts between space and density, ugliness and beauty, coverage and exposure, and more.