Argov Michael

“Argov saw in painting first and foremost a structure of shapes and colours and he designed objects in defined contours while using frontal, rigid and flat compositions.

Using the flattening technique, he searched the geometrical core of the shapes and created an exciting dialogue of shapes, colours and textures with no actual content.

Argov’s life and art were often described as parallel to the process of the Israeli art evolution. As a son to a first generation of painters that grew up in the country, and as someone who was raised on the values of  agricultural work, the Zionist ideology and the Palmach, Argov was one of the first students of the “founders generation” of the modern Israeli painting , and went through the transition in his art from figurative art to abstract.”

Dalia Manor, curator, from the book: The retrospective exhibition of Michael Argov,, Tel-Aviv museum of arts, Hapoaalim publishing 1993.