Gang Ron

Born in 1950

Since moving from Canada to Israel in 1972, Ron Gang lives in the Negev, the desert being an integral part of his surroundings and artistic inspiration. Gang paints “en plain air,” viewing nature while immersed in it, thus continuing an artistic tradition of many years. He is very influenced by Impressionist painting especially by the works of Van-Gogh. For Gang, connecting to the desert landscape is a meditative act. He absorbs nature and portrays his impression on to the canvas, with a rich and deep color-palette, enriched with the light of the blazing sun.

In his paintings, Gang frequently depicts the desert cactus bushes. This type of cactus, also known as the “tsabar” – an archetypical symbol of Israel and her native residents, was actually brought to Israel from South America two hundred years ago. In light of this, it seems like Gangs’ preoccupation with the landscape suggests the idea of a stranger wishing to assimilate himself in a new land.