Stern Restoration Studio

Stern Restoration Studio specializes in the conservation and restoration of works of art

Founded by Meir Stern and managed by Eyal Luzia, Stern Restoration  Studio reputation is based on 35 years of experience. Each work of art is treated with great sensitivity, respecting the artists’ style and tradition, always doing only the necessary minimum.

We use top quality materials, and emphasize long-term conservation. This is the aim of top restorers around the world.

Our expertise includes cleaning, relining and restoration of oil paintings and work on paper.

Do you have a damaged work of art?  

We offer unconditional consultation regarding damaged artworks where you can ask us any questions you may have regarding conservation or restoration.

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Eyal Luzia at work

Eyal Luzia: 052-2345963
Stern Gallery: 03-5246303