Alleaume Ludovic

1859-1941 A French artist, illustrator and stained glass draftsman, Alleaume was trained as an academic painter. He exhibited frequently in the Salon des artistes Francais between 1883-1938. Alleaume won many…

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Bauernfeind Gustav

1848-1904 Bauernfeind was a Jewish painter, illustrator and architect born in Germany. He is considered to be one of the most notable Orientalist painters of Germany. Although his early works…

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Booth Samuel Lawson

1836-1928 British painter. Booth was born in Leeds, Yorkshire and worked as an art teacher at the Leeds School of Art, and as an Art Master at Bradford Technical College. In…

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Carelli Gabriel

1821-1900 An Italian artist born into an artistic dynasty in Naples. After studying in Rome and returning to Naples in 1840, he became the protege of the 6th Duke of…

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Ellis Tristram James

1844-1922 Among the British artists who visited the region in the second half of the 19th century. Tristram was a railway engineer in London. In 1874, he traveled to Paris…

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Green Nathaniel Everett

British 1823-1899 Green was not only a painter but also an art teacher and an astronomist, a founding member of the British Astronomical Association. There is even a crater on…

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Harper Henry Andrew

1835-1900 A British Victorian artist and member of the "British Research Foundation". His paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. In 1872 Harper spent time in…

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Rychter May Anna

1865-1955 Anna Rychter came to Jerusalem from Germany in 1923, following her husband the artist Tadeusz. He was commissioned to restore Vitrages in churches. She earned a living by selling…

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