Argov Michael

1920-1982 "Argov saw in painting first and foremost a structure of shapes and colours and he designed objects in defined contours while using frontal, rigid and flat compositions. Using the…

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Bak Samuel

Born 1933 Samuel Bak has been painting for over seven decades. From a very young age he was thought to possess extraordinary artistic talent. Following the German invasion of Poland…

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Bezem Naftali

Born 1924 Naftali Bezem was born in Germany. He is best known for his symbolic renderings of the Holocaust and the return of Diaspora Jews to the Land of Israel…

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Binder Avraham

1907 - 2001 Avraham Binder studied at the art academy in Vilnius and immigrated to Israel in 1929, with his parents and younger sister Tzila. He enrolled in the Bezalel…

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Blum Ludwig

1891-1974 Ludwig Blum was born in Czechoslovakia where he excelled in sports and was a founding member of the local “Maccabi”. He later studied painting in Prague, Vienna, Paris and…

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Castel Moshe

1909-1991 Moshe Castel was born in Jerusalem to a Spanish family that immigrated to Israel in 1492. His father, Rabbi Yehuda Castel wrote Torah books, designed decorated silk covers, specialized…

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Janco Marcel

Born in Romania in 1895. Marcel Janco was one of the founders of the Dada movement in 1916 a major art movement of the 20th century. In the midst of…

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