Castel Moshe


Moshe Castel was born in Jerusalem to a Spanish family that immigrated to Israel in 1492. His father, Rabbi Yehuda Castel wrote Torah books, designed decorated silk covers, specialized in Eastern-Jewish music and was a well known artist. His influence on Castel was very strong.

After he graduated from “Betzalel” academy, Castel moved to Paris, where he studied art at the “Julian” academy and exhibited his works in many galleries. He also initiated the first exhibition of the E’cole de Paris. In 1940 Castel returned to Israel and settled in Safed, where he was very much inspired by the mystic atmosphere. Later, he became one of the “New Horizons“ abstract movement founders. Castel invented a unique technique which combines the use of color and Basalt stone. By incorporating Basalt taken from the land with the spirituality of the ancient language in which the Torah was written, Castel connects to the roots of the Jewish people in its land.
Fine examples of the work of Moshe Castel decorate the Israeli parliament – the Knesset and the official residence of the President of the state of Israel.